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Pole  series LED Display
Display the advertisement,public information in words pictures, videos by remote uploading,
                                                  high efficient and convenient.
Intelligent control
It can be controlled synchronously or asynchronously through acomputer, USB, WiFi, 4G, etc,
              and centrally manage multipledisplays, which is simple and fast to operate.
High Protection
The front and rear protection level reachesIP65, which can fully meet the all-weather out-door environment,
                                                   and thesignal transmission is more stable.
High brightness
                                                                         Brightness up to 6500 nits.
      According to changes in the surrounding environ-ment, the screen body can automatically adjust thebrightness,
especially in cloudy days or at night, it can automatically reduce the brightness to adapt tothe needs of the environment.
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