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CBA All-Stars landed in Xiamen Phoenix Gymnasium!

The domestic top basketball tournament CBA All-Star Weekend started with passion. Phoenix flowers are waiting to bloom, people have gathered in the mountains and the sea, Yi Jianlian, Guo Allen, Wang Zhelin and other popular superstars and thousands of fans gathered in Xiamen, staged a pure and warm sports carnival!

This basketball feast is the first all-star game for the audience and participation of all people after a three-year absence due to the epidemic, which has caused a lot of buzz among fans. The core area of Phoenix Arena provides more than 900 square meters of central suspended LED high-definition bucket screen, two side end screens, LED ring screen sets and supporting integrated solutions to ensure that the audience can enjoy the game without dead ends and enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.

The All-Star game was even more intense! With the wonderful dunks staged one after another, the score was 113-117 in overtime, fixed on the side of the LED scoring screen. This also means that this time Guo Allen led the North Zone Stars to win the All-Star Game for the first time since 2017. Abdu Shalamu cut 20 points and 8 rebounds and was elected MVP of this All-Star Game.

After the game, a number of media people gave high praise to this All-Star Weekend from the official importance and quality of holding. Many fans flirted with this year's CBA All-Star Weekend completely comparable to the NBA, and some evaluated this CBA as the most interesting and intense All-Star game in history!

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