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Coreman Group Attended the 132nd Canton Fair

With the theme of "Light Display Ecology, Sailing the Future", Coreman Technology went to the exhibition and brought UMicro, commercial complex solutions, XR Workshop and other light display products and solutions to meet with global customers.

At the exhibition, Coeman launched a new series of products.According to the introduction, this series of products apply EBL+ multi-layer optical processing, EDL drive, 3D-LUT color gamut calibration and other characteristic technologies, with low reflection, low moire and ultra-black background color display performance, which can meet customers' needs in large control rooms, Ultra-high-definition display requirements for various scenarios such as enterprise exhibition halls, home theaters, and high-end businesses.

In addition to Micro display technology, commercial display is also a business highland for display manufacturers at home and abroad. According to the prediction of Grand View Research, the market of commercial complexes will reach US$779.47 million in 2028, with a promising prospect.

At the exhibition, Coreman released the optical display commercial complex solution at the same time. According to the introduction, the solution includes LED software, hardware and creative content, which can provide customers with cultural and creative landscapes covering the exterior of the new commercial complex, interior immersive spaces (immersive atrium, immersive studio, etc.), light display interactive experience, XR business Full-scenario, one-stop service for applications and naked-eye 3D creative content.

The solutionis designed to help commercial complexes activate passenger flow, tap business opportunities, stimulate consumption, stimulate the economy, and create a more attractive, healthier, and more comfortable consumption and entertainment environment.

    Various star products such as 3.9 and Black Light were also used at the scene, together with naked-eye 3D digital content, for on-site demonstrations.

In recent years, due to various factors such as the epidemic and shooting costs, XR virtual shooting has gradually become the first choice of customers around the world.XR virtual shooting replaces the green screen technology to achieve the effect of what you see is what you get.The three-dimensional LED giant screen stage technology and playback technology reduce post-production time and difficulty, improve production efficiency in an all-round way, and reduce production costs. XR virtual shooting has become one of the important application scenarios in the light display industry.

Coeman Technology's customized optical display solutions of "hardware + software + content + interaction" meet the diversified needs of customers in more and more application scenarios and continue to create value for global customers.

At this exhibition, Coreman technology restored the virtual shooting effect on the spot in the form of three-sided LED screen (double facade + floor tile screen).

It is said that Coeman can provide customers with arbitrary shapes such as curved screens, four-sided screens, and three-sided screens for different application scenarios.

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