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Coreman helps the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympic Games

      At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, from the super-large 8K ultra-high-definition ground display systemto the crystal clear "ice and snow five rings", not only let Shenzhen ultra-high definition display enterprises usher in the high light moment,but also the comprehensive display of the strength of Shenzhen LED industry.

      "Look at China for the world's LED display, and Shenzhen for China's LED display." Since the huge scroll of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has amazed the world, China's LED display industry has entered a stage of rapid development. A few days ago, the output value of China's LED industry has jumped to the first place in the world, and Shenzhen has become the center of the global LED display industry.

Right now, with the advent of the 5G+8K era, the LED industry will once again usher in an explosion. How can LED enterprises in Shenzhen continue the splendor of the Winter Olympics, seize the opportunity of the industry, and welcome another golden age?

The scene changes on the ultra-high-definition LED display screen, letting people to be in a virtual environment at any time; cats with naked-eye 3D effects can almost be confused with real ones; on the wavy flexible screen, blue waves seem to rush towards your face...

Known as the best "atmosphere group" of the Winter Olympics, has a total area of 4,500 square meters of LED display. According to reports, in addition to the floor screens of the opening ceremony, OCD has also introduced many competition venues and training bases of the Winter Olympics, such as the Wukesong Ice Sports Center bucket screen + end screen, Zhangjiakou Bashang training base end screen, etc.

"During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the LED floor screen needs to ensure 'high reliability' and 'stability' in the entire design, and AB backup is required in power supply and signal processing. We are fortunate to participate in the midterm and strictly follow the organizing committee Meeting the requirements put forward, the design of dual-light dual-screen backup has been satisfactorily completed.

"Zero failure" comes from the hard power of the enterprise.

As one of the leading companies in Shenzhen's LED industry, in December 2021, Coreman Technology's LED display screens were on the list of the sixth batch of manufacturing individual champion companies (products) announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Since 2019, Coreman technology has been the No. 1 sales of display screens on the AliExpress platform, and the xR virtual technology for movie shooting is in the leading position .

According to Yuan Daoren, after the 2008 Olympic Games, LED display has been highly valued by all walks of life, driving the rapid development of the entire industry, but also gave birth to a number of new business models.Shenzhen is the largest LED packaging and LED display production base in China, with many listed LED companies and enterprises above designated size. Among them, Bao'an District is famous for the most complete industrial chain, the most complete supporting facilities, and the largest and most concentrated number of enterprises.

Yuan Daoren told the reporter, "With the accelerated development of 5G technology, the LED display industry is profoundly changing people's lives, making immersive experience a reality, and the market prospect is infinitely broad.Before a new release of industrial development opportunities, technological innovation is particularly important."We will continue to aim at the innovation and application of 5G+8K ultra-high-definition display technology, and join hands with industry giants to help build an independent technology industry ecosystem."

Shenzhen has unique advantages in developing the ultra-high-definition video display industry. In the future, Shenzhen will accelerate the establishment of a coordinated development system for the entire industry chain of "acquisition, editing, transmission, interpretation, and display", and strive to create a highland for the development of the ultra-high-definition video industry.

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